INT EXTRA PayPal Discount

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EXTRA PayPal Discount



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EXTRA PayPal Discount during Sep 11 05:00(UTC -5)- Sep 18 05:00(UTC -5)
For PC+M
1.requirements for an extra PayPal discount on PC+M($3 off $50) every promo day
a. Only for new customers who are gonna make their FIRST paid order on Gearbest.
b. Only daily First 3000 Paid orders take effect
c. The method of payment has to be PayPal
d. Paypal Discount Period: Sep 11-15 (inclusive)

2. requirement for an EXTRA PayPal Discount ($5 off $40) on Gearbest APP every promo day
A. Only daily First 2000 paid orders take effect
B. The method of payment has to be PayPal
C. Paypal Discount Period: Sep 11-18 (inclusive)